In Liberation

31 Juli. 2021   15:00 –
31 Juli. 2021  18:00

Photobastei Home of Arts


Malissa a.k.a Naohka


IN LIBERATION “Without community, there is no liberation.” –

Audrey Lorde Open only for BIPoCs (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour)

15-18 h Workshop 2

Black Healing, Facilitator Malissa a.k.a Naohka 1. Communal safe space building – Who are you ? Who are we? Let’s learn together how to create a space that feels safe and welcoming for all participants, we will be exploring our political identities and pleasure politics. 2. Exploration & information on the effects of trauma in the body Discussion + writing practice around how our political identities, past and present experiences create trauma and what are our trauma responses. 3. Somatic liberation practices Exploring our rhythms and care tools through voice, movement and breathing practices 4. Guided meditation & energetic cleansing Guided meditation accompanied by singing and tibetan bowl to liberate the accumulation of tension, stress and negative charge in the body. sprachen: englisch und/oder französisch, weitere (tba.), präferenz bei anmeldung angeben zahlen was man kann.